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          We offer 3 apartments in Pomorie (2 on the first floor and one on the fourth) in a new building located on the beach over the best beach in town.

    The apartments are fully equipped for normal, peaceful and pleasant vacation during your stay there. Kitchens are equipped with everything you need.And the three apartments have washing machines. We offer a crib, making apartments suitable for long periods of use by families with small children.

    The apartments have a bedroom, living room with TV (cable) and air conditioning. Apartment 1 (a) - First Floor East, with a terrace overlooking the beach (photos 1-9) Apartment 1 (b) to the first floor south. The terrace also see the beautiful sea in Pomorie. (photos 10-13) Apartment 2 - fourth floor.          The large, covered with a tent, keep the sun and possible rain terrace also has stunning views of the beach and sea in Pomorie. Even on a rainy day you can enjoy the beautiful sea glass of cool drink.
         We expect you will spend unforgettable moments with our facilities for your comfort!


    Prices: From 40 to 50 euro.

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