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     Welcome, Vanya Villas situated on the beach, 15km. direction from Bourgas Sunny Beach and 2km. of Pomorie. The villas are happy pine wood, the peace and quiet, combined with the sound of the waves and the pleasant breeze from the sea wind, allow you to escape from the stress of everyday life.


    The villas have a private bathroom, TV, refrigerator and terasa.Za willing to offer parking.In guarded the garden is a playground for your children, as well as the opportunity to barbecue while you watch them play freely. Sites for caravans and tents that we offer are located under the thick shade of the surrounding trees. The complex has a toilet and bath with hot water.If you want to jump off  to Sunny Beach, Burgas and Pomorie "Burgasbus" offers a shuttle for your convenience.From Pomorie season there are regular bus services to all major cities of the country. We offer ,you choose.Await you in Vanya villas to spend the most beautiful and unforgettable holiday by the sea!

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